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  • The Best of Beaches

    If there is one thing that Portugal does best, it’s natural landscape. The coast is absolutely stunning, and therefore it’s certainly a magnificent destination to spend your holiday throughout the entire year. Portugal’s Pousadas are the ultimate accommodation choice whichever type of holiday you’re after, although it’s hard to imagine a holiday to Portugal without visiting one their spectacular beaches.

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    See & Do: The Algarve

    Frequent visitors to our blog will be all too aware of the stunning landscapes that the historic country of Portugal has to offer, the heritage of which is furthermore preserved through the Portuguese Government’s formation of Pousadas of Portugal, which allowed for the preservation of so many of the country’s culturally important buildings. Continue reading…

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    The Allure of the Azores

    Portugal has so much to offer, in both tourism and landscape. With beautiful scenery and an interesting history, you won’t find anywhere as perfect to visit than the Azores.

    Located approximately 850 miles west of Portugal, the Azores are an autonomous region comprising nine islands. Although the islands have a volcanic origin, some have had no recorded activity at all since they were settled and the last significant activity was in 1957; nonetheless this origin has given them a particularly unique and striking appearance. Mount Pico, on the island of the same name, is the tallest point in Portugal at 2,351 m (7,713 ft). Continue reading…

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    Top Places to Stay in Central Portugal

    Following on from our previous posts on places to visit in Northern and Southern Portugal, if you are planning a visit to the central part of the country you will find that there is just as much to see and do.

    Coimbra & Conimbriga

    Roman ruins in Conimbriga,PortugalCoimbra is a very historic city, which served as the capital of the country during the Middle Ages. There are many beautiful and historic buildings to be seen, including the buildings of the University, which is one of the oldest in Europe. Just 16km from Coimbra lies the Roman settlement of Conimbriga which is one of the best preserved Roman sites of Europe. The Pousada of Condeixa a Nova is set close to Conimbriga, in a beautifully restored 16th Century palace, and provides a perfect base for those exploring the history of this area.

    Serra da Estrela

    Serra da Estrela cropMeaning “The mountain range of the star”, this is the highest range of mountains in Portugal, and includes mainland Portugal’s highest point which can be reached by a paved road – the Regional Road 339. The Serra da Estrela Natural Park is a popular destination for tourists, especially during the winter months when it is a perfect location for skiing and snowboarding at the local ski resort. The Pousada of Serra da Estrela is set high in the mountains, at 1200m, and was once a sanatorium where patients could enjoy the pure mountain air.


    Viseu Portugal - iStock_000020283314_FullNamed by the Romans because of the view offered by its highest point, Viseu is a lovely historic city, and the centre of a popular wine-making region. If you want to experience the culture of Portugal this is an ideal place; here you will find historic architecture, fascinating museums and galleries, and a range of traditional crafts. The Pousada of Viseu, once the Saint Teotonio hospital, now provides a range of modern facilities including a swimming pool, spa and gymnasium.


    Aveiro Portugal - iStock_000048735652_LargeThe Algarve in the south does not have the monopoly on Portugal’s best beaches; at Aveiro, there are beautiful clean beaches which give the area the nickname “The Silver Coast”. Aveiro itself is a wonderful city which is often compared to Venice because of the number of canals winding through its heart, plied by painted boats called moliceiros. The Pousada of Torreira Murtosa is close to Aveiro, overlooking a stunning blue lagoon and surrounded by water.

    Whether you choose to stay in the North, South or Central part of the country, you are sure to have a memorable stay in any of the Pousadas of Portugal. Each is chosen for its particular unique aspects – whether historical interest, natural beauty or charming atmosphere – so that you can enjoy a stay like no other. If you’d like to check availability or make a booking, or even if you’d just like more information on any of the Pousadas, please get in touch today.

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    Top Places to Stay in Southern Portugal

    Portugal is a fascinating and beautiful country with plenty to see and do. If you are coming to the southern half of the country, here are some of the top locations to visit during your stay.


    Bird way of central Lisbon with red roofs and river embankmentThe capital of Portugal is naturally high on the list; it is home to many historic and cultural attractions including Belém Tower (The Tower of St Vincent) and Jerónimos Monastery, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the colossal Cristo Rei statue which overlooks the city. The Pousada of Queluz is the best located for Lisbon, set opposite the Palace of Queluz which was the Royal Family’s official residence from 1794.


    ObidosEvery summer, Castelo de Óbidos is at the centre of a vibrant medieval market; step back through time and enjoy jousting tournaments, medieval dinners and a wide range of traditionally handcrafted goods. The castle itself is a National Monument, and houses the Pousada of Obidos. This year, the market runs from the 16th July to the 2nd August, and there is still availability at the Pousada during this period for those who want to be at the heart of the excitement.

    The Algarve

    Algarve Strand do Tonel Festung - Algarve beach do Tonel fortress 01The Algarve region at the very south of Portugal is one of the country’s most popular areas for tourists. It offers a beautiful climate and a stunning coastline where towering cliffs and golden beaches meet the clear blue sea. The area is also famous for its hand painted pottery and ceramics. The Pousada of Sagres is an excellent choice for stays in the Algarve, with an unbeatable clifftop location that takes you away from the usual hustle of the tourist resorts.


    DSC03162This wonderful city is one of the most ancient cities in the country, with a history stretching back over two millennia. The Pousada of Evora is set in a 15th century convent, which is itself considered to be amongst the city’s most impressive buildings. Sights and attractions here include the aqueduct, cathedral, a number of palaces and, for those who are not faint of heart, the Capelo dos Ossos – the Chapel of Bones.


    Whichever part of Portugal you choose to visit, the Pousadas of Portugal offer an excellent alternative to mainstream modern hotels; set in historic buildings, or those with outstanding charm or natural beauty, they give you a unique and memorable stay. For more information, to check availability or to make a booking, contact us today.

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    Top Places to Stay in Northern Portugal

    When you visit Portugal you will find that there are many fascinating sights and attractions to take in; whether you are interested in history and culture or natural beauty, there will always be something to suit all tastes. If you are visiting the North of Portugal, here are some of the top locations to consider including in your holiday.


    Pousada_Porto_ViewIf you are an aficionado of Port wine, then you must stay in Porto! With houses and wineries on either side of the Douro River, this is one of the most romantic cities in the country and a perfect place to honeymoon. The Torre dos Clérigos (Cleric’s Tower) is one of the most iconic sights of the city, and for those who climb its 240 steps it offers fantastic views. The Pousada of Porto is set on the banks of the river, in the Palacio do Freixo, which was declared a National Monument in 1910.

    Peneda-Gerês National Park

    DSC06958The country’s only national park, this is an area of outstanding beauty and ecological interest. There are many protected species to be found in this area, both of plant and animal life, so it is a fascinating destination for any lover of nature. The Pousada of Geres-Canicada is set within the park in a former hunter’s chalet, giving you a stunning mountain-top location for your stay.


    DSC06084Sometimes called the cradle of Portugal, this is one of the most important historic locations of the country. It was the birthplace of the first King, Afonso I of Portugal, and on one of the towers of the old city wall the words “Aqui nasceu Portugal” are inscribed – here Portugal was born. The centre of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you will find many museums, galleries and cultural attractions throughout the city.

    The Pousada of Guimaraes is set in a 12th Century Augustinian monastery, and is generally considered to be one of the best of all the pousadas.

    Viana do Castelo

    pousada-viana-castelo-pousada-viana-castelo-vista-cidadeThe Pousada of Viana do Castelo offers the most famous view in Portugal. Set high on Mount Santa Luzia, the hotel looks out past the neo-Byzantine Temple over the old sailing port. You will also find the remains of an ancient Celtic village, predating the Romans, in the immediate vicinity of the Pousada. The town itself has a lovely medieval centre, 19th century boulevards and beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast.

    The Pousadas of Portugal offer unique places to stay for those who want more from their hotel than simply a place to stay. Because they are set in uniquely historical, charming or natural areas, they give you a holiday that you are bound to remember. For more information, contact us today to speak to a member of our team.

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    Welcome to Pousadas of Portugal

    Greetings! Welcome to Pousadas of Portugal – it’s a genuine delight and pleasure to have you here.

    This is our new blog, where we intend to bring you not just the latest information about our extensive range of hotels across Portugal, but also news from the area, holiday tips, and a spotlight on locations you really must visit on your holiday. Anything, then, that’ll help and enhance your trip to Portugal. After all, that’s what we’ve been doing for over 20 years, since we first partnered with the Pousadas Group.


    Who We Are

    We’re a British company who operate in Portugal, and we’ve had over 20 years’ experience in the industry – so you can trust us when we say that we’re well-placed to offer the very best advice and local knowledge to those considering a visit to Portugal. In fact, we’re so passionate about Pousadas that not only have we been recommending them to family and friends for years, but we also personally stay in them – so we’ve got genuine experience of what to expect when choosing a Pousada hotel.


    What’s a Pousada?

    You might not have heard of a Pousada hotel before. These luxury hotels are supported by the Portuguese Government – often they’re of historical interest, such as castles and converted monasteries, and help promote tourism in beautiful regions. Needless to say, not only are these gorgeous buildings elegance embodied, they’re also stunningly rich in their heritage. You can book stays in hotels that date as far back as the 12th century. There is no hotel on Earth as luxurious as a Pousada hotel.

    What We Provide

    We believe your trip to Portugal should be magical – and we strive to ensure it is, from the moment you decide to stay with us. We always guarantee to find you the very best rates for your visit, and should you have need to make further enquiries, our multi-lingual Portuguese team are always on hand to offer free and fast first-hand advice. Our hotels, too, are located in areas you’ll be delighted to discover, such as Porto, Marvao and the island of Terceira.

    If you wish for an experience like no other, let us help. For more information about our services and hotels, simply contact our knowledgeable team on (+351) 258 821 751 or 0871 218 1751 and we’ll be delighted to assist with all of your enquiries.

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