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  • 5 Tips to Surviving the Airport


    Helping you find the perfect Pousada in Portugal for your holiday isn’t the only thing we specialise in. We also like to know that your travel is as easy and stress-free as possible. When travelling anywhere, one of the most stress-full parts of the travelling experience is navigating the airport.

    To help get your off to a flying start, we’ve come up with a couple of ways you can make navigating the airport a little less stress-full.


    Pre-Book Your Parking

    Many travellers tend to forget about the parking fees at an airport. Unless you take public transport (or can sweet talk a family member or friend into dropping you off) leaving your vehicle in the airport car park can be very expensive. The last thing  you want when you’re starting your holiday is to have to pay out for a week’s worth of parking!

    Contact the airport before your holiday and pre-book your parking space, not only will this save you time parking when you arrive, but it can also be a lot cheaper than paying for parking on the day.


    Parked Cars


    Stash Your Snacks

    As with any public transport, buying food or necessities from the airport can also be very costly (especially if all you want is a chocolate bar!). Before you head off to the airport, make sure your buy all of your snacks first and place them in your hand luggage.

    Make sure you check what foods you’re allowed to bring with you. Solid foods and fruit are accepted but food with a high water concentration or in a sauce aren’t. You don’t want to be held up at check in because you have a bag of prohibited food!


    Sugar Cookies - iStock_000023669491_Medium


    Check-In Online

    24 hrs before your due at the airport, get your laptop out and check-in to your flight. Not only does this alert the airport that you’re intending to arrive, but it also secures your seats and allows you to print out your tickets before you arrive at the airport!


    Hands on Keyboard - iStock_000041997816_Medium


    Book Express Check-In

    One of the key reasons many people miss their flight- or cut it very close- is due to the airport queue. It’s always a good idea to book your flights an hour or two in advance of when you actually want to leave (this way you’re prepared if there are any flight delays), though if you find yourself arriving to a sea of people waiting to be checked in, it’s a good idea to have paid a little bit extra for a fast track pass or for express check-in.


    businesswoman packing things in suitcase


    Make Use of Social Media

    The best thing about social media is that it’s easy for you to get in touch with people. If you find yourself stranded in a different country, your plane delayed or the traffic preventing you from catching your flight, social media is a great way to let your airport know that you’ll be running late.


    Social Media - iStock_000054031282_Medium


    So, once you’ve managed to successfully survive the airport with little to no stress, you can finally look forward to relaxing in your stunning pousada in Portugal. To book your holiday, or for more information on our pousadas, contact us today on 0871 218 1751 or follow and like our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for our latest news and updates!