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  • Why You Should Visit Portugal in Summer

    Romantic breakfast by hotel window

    Explore Portugal’s summer magic, from sunny beaches to captivating history and delicious food. Enjoy the lively atmosphere as days get longer and nights warmer, welcoming adventurers, dreamers, and families. Whether you’re swimming in the Atlantic, exploring old ruins, or eating fresh seafood, Portugal offers a special getaway.

    Discover Portugal with Pousadas of Portugal

    No matter which corner of Portugal you’re drawn to, Pousadas offers a gateway to the unique charm and character of each region. From the lush valleys of the North to the sunny shores of the Algarve, our accommodations are located throughout the country, promising luxury and a glimpse into its rich history no matter where you roam.

    Northern Portugal

    You’ll find hotels in North Portugal nestled among rolling vineyards and ancient towns. It’s a haven for those who revel in the great outdoors and have a palate for fine wine and rich, traditional cuisine. The cool, green landscapes are a stark contrast to the rest of the country, offering tranquil hideaways with natural beauty.

    Centre of Portugal

    Central Portugal is a blend of mountains, quaint villages, and beautiful beaches, capturing the essence of old Portugal, from UNESCO World Heritage sites to majestic mountains like Serra da Estrela. It’s a dream for history lovers and a haven for those seeking adventure.

    Lisbon and the Tagus Valley

    This region presents a blend of the contemporary with the historic. Staying in this area allows easy access to bustling cities, iconic monuments, and a vibrant cultural scene.

    Alentejo Region

    In Alentejo, time seems to pause, and the region’s deep connection to the land and agriculture remains strong. Perfect for those craving serenity or a romantic retreat. Experience indulgence amidst the cork oak forests and delight in tasting the region’s renowned wines and hearty cuisine.

    The Algarve

    Known for its stunning coastlines and year-round sunshine, The Algarve is a jewel in Portugal’s crown. Our hotels in the The Algarve capitalise on the natural beauty, offering beachside resorts and retreats that make the perfect combination for a family holiday or a relaxing beach escape.

    Discover Summer Swimming Adventures Across Portugal

    Portugal’s allure extends beyond its sun-soaked beaches and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. For those seeking aquatic adventures away from the coast, Portugal offers a variety of unique options that blend natural beauty with excitement.

    Landscape with Praia do Camilo, famous beach in Algarve, Portugal


    From North to South: Diverse Water Wonders

    In the North, near Nazaré, adrenaline-seekers flock to the rugged coastline to ride potentially record-breaking waves. Additionally, wind and kayak enthusiasts find thrills along this coastline, while the peaceful Douro River provides a tranquil setting for paddling amidst vine-covered hills.

    Moving to the Center of Portugal, the picturesque Mondego River flows gently through Coimbra, offering opportunities for canoeing or leisurely swims amid stunning landscapes.

    Madeira: Natural Marvels for Swimmers

    Aerial view of Madeira island. Land meets ocean in Seixal, Madeira, Portugal

    Madeira boasts the Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools, created by volcanic activity and replenished by the tide with clear, cool seawater. Surrounded by rugged cliffs and an endless blue sea, swimming here is an immersive experience in nature’s architecture. Take a look at our hotels in Maderia and the Azores.

    The Algarve: Coastal Explorations

    In the Algarve, beyond its famed beaches, kayaking tours reveal hidden caves and secluded beaches, while snorkelling unveils a vibrant marine world.

    Beautiful village of Carvoeiro in the Algarve, Portugal

    Every region of Portugal offers its own aquatic adventures, from serene river swims to thrilling coastal explorations. Embrace the diversity of Portugal’s swimming experiences beyond traditional beach holidays.

    Timeless Architectural Wonders of Portugal

    Portugal’s landscape is graced with architectural marvels spanning centuries, each narrating a tale of the country’s rich heritage. From majestic palaces to serene monasteries, here are six must-see sites showcasing Portugal’s architectural brilliance.

    Tower of Belém, Lisbon

    Tower of Belem (Torre de Belem), Lisbon, Portugal

    Symbolising the Age of Discoveries, this tower on the Tagus River boasts intricate Manueline architecture adorned with motifs of exploration and exotic lands. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a jewel of Portuguese history. Find hotels in Lisbon.

    Sintra, Portugal at Pena National palace.

    Perched in Sintra’s hills, this 19th-century marvel exudes Romanticism with vibrant colours and stunning views. A blend of Moorish, Gothic, and Manueline styles, it’s a fairy-tale castle brought to life.

    Batalha monastery, Portugal

    A Gothic masterpiece commemorating Portugal’s victory in battle, known for its intricate stonework and stunning stained-glass windows. The Unfinished Chapels offer a glimpse into Portugal’s storied past.

    Largo da Pena Ventosa in Porto, Portugal. Quiet square in old city centre

    Porto’s winding streets, ancient buildings, and iconic bridges showcase its rich history. Highlights include São Francisco Church’s baroque interior and the riverside Ribeira district.

    Convent of Order of Christ, Tomar

    Originally a Templar stronghold, this monumental complex reflects centuries of Portuguese architecture. Its iconic Manueline window and Templar origins add to its allure.

    Roman temple of Diana and cathedral in Evora, Portugal

    Known as the Temple of Diana, this ancient Roman temple stands as a testament to Évora’s extensive history. Its well-preserved Corinthian columns offer a striking contrast to the city’s medieval surroundings.

    These sites provide a glimpse into Portugal’s diverse influences, from Roman to Moorish to the Age of Discovery, shaping the nation’s architectural landscape.

    Experience Portugal’s Scenic Summer Gems

    Portugal’s landscapes come alive in the summer, radiating beauty under the warm sun. From the valleys of the North to the beaches of the Algarve, nature flourishes, offering invigorating sights.

    In the North, the Douro Valley’s lush vineyards gleam like emerald tapestries, while the Peneda-Gerês National Park reveals stunning mountain vistas as the mist dissipates. Crystal-clear rivers provide relief from the heat.

    Vineyards and olive trees in the Douro Valley near Lamego, Portugal Europe

    Central Portugal and Alentejo embrace summer differently, with golden plains in Alentejo and lush forests in Serra da Estrela. Wildflowers add bursts of colour to the scenery, perfect for picnics and leisurely walks.

    The Algarve shines brightest in summer, with radiant cliffs, sparkling beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Explore sea caves, relax on hidden coves, or enjoy the tranquillity of Ria Formosa lagoon.

    Sample Portugal’s Culinary Delights

    Portugal’s cuisine mirrors its diverse landscape, offering a culinary journey through its regions. From coastal seafood to hearty meats inland, each dish tells a story of history and local flavours.

    Fish feast: sea bass, golden, horse mackerel accompanied with tomato salad, clams, bread and white wine, Portugal

    In the North, enjoy Vinho Verde wines and savoury dishes like Veal Cutlet à la Mirandesa. Central Portugal boasts fresh seafood delights such as Bacalhau à Brás and Caldeirada stew. Lisbon tantalises with Pastéis de Belém pastries and Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato clams.

    Alentejo’s hearty cuisine features Acorda Alentejana bread soup and Porco Preto dishes. In the Algarve, savour Cataplana de Marisco seafood and Dom Rodrigos sweet treats.

    From North to south, Portugal’s cuisine showcases local heritage and flavours, inviting you to experience the true flavour of each region.

    Experience Portugal firsthand by booking your visit today! Whether you’re exploring the lush landscapes of the North or the sun-soaked shores of the Algarve, our Pousadas of Portugal offer ideal accommodations. Contact our friendly team to plan your perfect summer holiday, complete with amazing routes throughout the country and unforgettable experiences.