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  • Why You’ll Love the Algarve in Autumn

    Visiting Portugal and, most especially, the Algarve, doesn’t always have to be done during the summer. On the contrary, some of the best months in this region of the country are September, October and November in regard to weather, for instance, as it has plenty of things to offer at this time of year – even if you’re looking to head out to the beach!

    Portugal has plenty to see and do all year round, and this fantastic season is no exception. Take a look at how you can enjoy the Algarve if you visit during autumn:

    The Climate is Pleasant

    The weather at this time of year is still incredibly nice and pleasant, as this region gets over 3,000 hours of sun and year and clear blue skies to go with it! Temperatures tend to range around 20oC in the shade. You might get temperatures around 30oC in the sun as well, or you may get overcast days and the odd rain – however, the climate is pretty reliable and you’re likely to find it amenable throughout your stay.

    This will also make it easier for you to walk around and explore the town or city, the beach, the park, and so much more. Hiking is a lot more enjoyable when you feel comfortable and, during summer, temperatures may get too high to hike in comfort.

    Due to the nice climate during autumn, T-shirts and shorts might be your best choice of clothing, especially during those days when the sun is especially warm.

    Fewer Crowds and Queuing

    When you visit the Algarve in the summer season, you will definitely not be the only tourist there. Many people choose summer to visit a different country, which means that, by opting to go during autumn, you will find fewer crowds no matter where you go – this includes the beach too! You will be able to sunbathe by the ocean and even partake in water sports as well during this time of year.

    Restaurants, bars and cafés will not be as full, so you will be able to enjoy your time there a lot more than if you had to share the same space with countless other tourists! This can be nice too, of course, but sometimes you just want (or need) a bit more peace and quiet.

    Enjoy the Fauna and Flora

    Because temperatures can get very high during summer, many areas of the countryside become dry and brownish. However, during autumn, they begin to turn green a little bit more, and wild flowers start making an appearance. Many animals that migrate, such as birds, are also returning home during this season. You will find a lot of different places to watch the wildlife of the area!

    You’ll Find Better Prices

    When the high season is over, prices will become lower! General costs tend to fall and become more affordable because there’s a decrease in demand, so you might be able to score cheaper services and products by visiting the Algarve during autumn instead of summer.

    Here at Pousadas of Portugal, we are always ready to receive you, no matter when you visit! Just get in touch with us and start enjoying fantastic accommodation at great prices in the Algarve.