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  • 4 Top Tips for Travelling with Your Kids

    A lot of people look forward to their vacation and to having a few days or weeks of pure relaxation and tranquillity. For most, going on holiday is the highlight of their year, as it allows them to feel refreshed and ready to come back stronger than ever! Taking a break from the realities of daily life while experiencing life in a whole new country – even if it’s only for a little while – is something many holidaymakers aspire to throughout the year.

    And the little ones will certainly be more than delighted to explore a new place and learn about another culture. However, for many families, vacationing might also be a bit stressful and challenging when travelling with children.

    Here are our tips to make sure that everyone has a fantastic time, from the youngest members of the family to the oldest:

    Pack for the Plane

    As a parent, it’s important that you know exactly how to keep your children entertained on the place. Plan everything in advance by preparing your kids’ favourite movies and shows, as well as colouring books and toys, so that they are occupied during the flight.

    It’s also crucial to bring chew gum for the oldest children and pacifiers for the youngest, as the changes in altitude cause differences in pressure that can be uncomfortable for everyone, but most especially kids.

    Plan for All Types of Weather

    While this might seem simple, the truth is that many people overlook just how important it is to be prepared for every occasion or weather condition. Just because you’re going to a warm climate doesn’t mean that the weather won’t turn suddenly. In order to prevent your children from being too cold or too hot, make sure you have enough clothes to keep them protected from extreme temperatures.

    You also want to make sure you’re ready for all situations and eventualities, such as packing shoes if you’re going to the beach to prevent your children from stepping on broken shells or sea urchins, for example – packing efficiently is key here!

    Have Them Plan the Holiday with You

    Children love to be involved in things, and this includes the planning stage of the vacation. This, in turn, helps you to have a smoother holiday! After all, if you let them pick specific places they’d like to go, for instance, such as a beach, a museum, a lake, etc., they will become much more interested in the journey – and will have even more opportunities to have fun!

    Additionally, if you allow your children to pick their own souvenirs, they will certainly appreciate having their own little keepsake that they chose themselves. Gifting them a camera might also be a fantastic idea to keep them interested every step of the way – if they can take pictures of what they find interesting, they’ll have long-lasting memories they helped make and can look back on fondly.

    Go Slow

    Going slow is a great motto when you go on holiday with children. They have their own pace, meaning you might have to return to your Pousada for a nap or you might not have the time to see every single thing. Instead of trying to see and do it all, why not plan a big activity for every day – especially in the morning when everyone is still feeling refreshed – and then see what you can fit throughout the rest of the day?


    Don’t wait until your children are older to start involving them in your holiday planning and, most importantly, don’t see travelling with them as something stressful. Young kids can enjoy themselves and a new country just as much – and Portugal has many child-friendly activities for the whole family!

    Get in touch to learn more about where you can stay when you visit the country and enjoy our beautiful Pousadas!