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  • 4 of the Best Secluded Beaches in Portugal

    Although summer is nearly at an end, temperatures in Portugal are still perfect for the beach! While many beaches in the country are extremely popular and still filled with sunbathing enthusiasts at this time of year, others are more secluded and, therefore, have fewer people enjoying the sun. These beaches are by no means less beautiful than their more popular counterparts, but because they’re more difficult to access, they’re less visited.

    Praia da Ursa

    The westernmost beach in Europe, Praia da Ursa, or Bear Beach, is also one of the most beautiful. Located in the municipality of Sintra, the access to this beach is considered difficult and dangerous, as you’ll have to hike there, part of the way in a zigzag down the side of a cliff. It’s advisable, therefore, that you don’t go alone, doubly so because this beach is not watched by lifeguards.

    Still, once you get there, it’s easy to understand why people, both locals and visitors, enjoy exploring it. The sights are stunning, with the vast expanse of the blue ocean and colossal stones called Ursa (Bear) and Gigante (Giant) marking the coastline.

    Praia do Paraíso

    This secluded little cove in the municipality of Lagoa can be reached by climbing down a flight of stairs down the cliffs that surround it. The stunning landscape of these cliffs and the beautiful green and blue colours of the ocean truly reflect the name of the beach, ‘paraíso’, which means a very appropriate ‘paradise’.

    Praia do Carvalho

    Also located in the municipality of Lagoa, this sheltered beach has the perfect waters to swim in, as the rugged cliffs that surrounded it provide an escape from the wind. To access Praia do Carvalho you’d need to climb down a steep flight of stairs that are cut into the side of a cliff, after which you’ll go through a tunnel that exits on the beach. This out-of-the-way spot is never too busy, not even in summer, which makes Praia do Carvalho the perfect destination for holidaymakers who prefer quieter beaches!

    Praia do Beliche

    Beliche beach can be found in the municipality of Vila do Bispo, near the town of Sagres, and is a fairly popular spot, especially due to its golden sandy beach and shallow zone that is popular with families with children. To reach Beliche beach you need to walk down a long flight of stairs, although the journey is rather easy to make!

    You can also find protection from the sun in the number of caves strewn around the area, as well as engaging in surfing, since the waves are big enough for water sports in some parts.

    It’s time to enjoy the rest of summer, especially as the days grow shorter and shorter! You can benefit from the privacy and beauty that these beaches have to offer, which will no doubt leave you feeling relaxed and happy, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to book your stay with us and take full advantage of the remainder of this season!