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  • Useful Words You Should Know When You Visit

    We’ve previously provided a list of expressions you need to know when you visit Portugal – and some of them are a bit strange – but now we’re looking at useful words and phrases you should definitely know when you come to Portugal. Sure, most people will understand English, but why not try out your hand at Portuguese and make the locals happy that you tried? Continue reading…

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    Why You Should Visit Portugal in Summer

    We have already looked at the reasons why Portugal is the place to visit in 2017 – now we’re showing you why you should visit this fantastic country this summer! It’s not just the amazing beaches, although we know this is a big deciding factor when choosing a summer holiday, but also the fantastic food and drinks, the beautiful landscapes, the adrenaline-filled outdoor adventures, and much, much more. Continue reading…

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    Top 2017 Best Beaches in Portugal

    With summer quickly approaching, Portugal is already experiencing wonderful weather. With the beach season already kicking off, knowing where to visit to experience Portugal’s best beaches can be tricky. TripAdvisor has composed a list so that you can choose your ideal beach destination.

    Continue reading…

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    Why You Should Cruise Along the Douro River

    If you’re looking for a relaxing experience where you can just sit back and enjoy both the manmade and the natural beauty of Porto and its surrounding locations, then a cruise on the Douro River is right up your alley! You can choose from day trips to cruises that last for days and enjoy the magnificence of the third-longest river in the Iberian Peninsula. Continue reading…

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    Top 2 Portuguese Wines

    Wine is a premier product that delights taste buds worldwide. However, Portugal is not typically the first name on people’s lips when it comes to the best country in the world to source wine from. Yet it has consistently been rising in prominence in the wine community in the past few years, creating many bouquets that delight the senses.

    Continue reading…

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    The Most Famous Castles in Portugal (Part 2)

    Portugal has many imposing and stunning castles that have stood the test of time for centuries. Part 1 of this series focused on São Jorge Castle, Castle of Bragança, and Castle of Marvão, and this second part will explore a few more from North to South.

    Continue reading…

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    The Wildlife of Portugal (Infographic)

    Portugal is a relatively small country with an area of only 92,212 km2 – however, the country is rich in natural areas, having many national parks, nature parks, natural reserves and protected landscapes you can enjoy. An abundant and diverse animal life makes these beautiful areas their home. Continue reading…

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    Why You Should Book Your Next Holiday Now

    Even though we’re not even in spring yet, if you’re planning on travelling for your holidays, whether in the summer, autumn or even winter, you may want to start booking it now! It’s easy to postpone planning or booking a 2017 holiday, as it still feels too early and you may think you don’t need to worry about it now. Continue reading…

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    How Volcanoes Shape the Azores

    The Azores archipelago is located near the triple junction of the Eurasian, American and African plates on the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are approximately 1500km from Europe and 3900km from the North American east coast and are located on the Azores Plateau, which is a thick and irregular area of oceanic crust. Continue reading…

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