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  • Visiting Óbidos in Winter

    Óbidos is located approximately an hour away from Lisbon, its famous castle and village a centre attraction for both locals and tourists. This traditional and old Portuguese town is a charming refuge from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities, providing an exciting location for you and your loved ones to visit.

    Regardless of the season, Óbidos brings festivals and people together from across the country, its charm of old a constant throughout the year. This winter, why not stay at our Pousada de Óbidos and see for yourself how stunning this town is?


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    Strolling Through Main Street

    The main street, or Rua Direita, got its name in the 14th century and it’s the artery of the town. See the traditional Portuguese houses painted in white and bright blues and yellows, with the typical flower pots over the windows. The cobbled streets will help to take you back into its historical past, as the cold weather pushes you to enter the restaurants and try the delicious food and drink a sour cherry liquor.

    St James’ Church can be found on the main street, a previously working church now turned bookstore since its destruction in the 1755 earthquake. The artisan and souvenir shops tempt you inside, alongside the shops selling sour cherry liquor in chocolate cups.


    Porcelain Souvenirs

    Portugal has some unique and stunning souvenirs you can bring back for family and friends. You can enjoy items such as cork postcards, souvenir sardine tins, and handmade soaps. Make sure to go into one or two of the many souvenir shops you can find in Óbidos, as you’ll also find beautiful souvenirs being sold. Although approximately three hours away by car, Barcelos’ symbol – the Rooster of Barcelos – can be seen in many sizes and colours in shops in Óbidos. Additionally, you can buy a plethora of other porcelain souvenirs such as plates, decorative shoes, and mugs.



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    Christmas Village, 30th November to 31st December

    Every year, Óbidos is home to a Christmas Village (or Vila Natal) providing a wide range of activities for the entire family. From sporty activities for the little ones, theatre plays, food stalls, puppet shows, ice skating, and much more, you are sure to have fun and want to stay in Óbidos for the rest of the Christmas season. At night, the town transforms into a winter wonderland with lights, decorations, and entertainment for a truly merry Christmas.

    Whether summer or winter, Óbidos has much to see and explore, from delicious food to festivals and quaint shops. Here at Pousadas of Portugal, we are always making sure that you have the best possible service and stay at our pousadas. Simply get in touch with us to book your stay in Óbidos and have a winter holiday in one of the most charming countries in the Mediterranean!