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  • Travelling Resolutions for the New Year


    Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolution? You may have decided to stick to the same resolution you’ve made for the past couple of years, or maybe you’re looking for a new resolution to challenge yourself by. This year, why not make a resolution to leave your comfort zone, travel the world or even improve your travel experience?


    Send a Post Card

    It may seem like a simple gesture but falling back into an older version of talking to people can be very relaxing. Not only do you get to give your loved ones a snapshot of your time abroad, but you’re also giving them a gift they can cherish long after you return home. A post card is a great way for them, and for yourselves, to remember your holiday in all it’s sunny glory.


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    Learn a Little of the Native Language

    It’s always polite when visiting another country to try and learn to speak the language. This doesn’t mean that you have to become an expert in spinning a conversation with the locals, learning the basics such as ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘good bye’ can get you further than you may think.

    No matter what country you go to, it’s always nice to see people making an effort to communicate. If people can see that you’re trying, they’re more inclined to help you with whatever question you may have. You never know, you may have a skill for learning different languages!


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    Ban Social Media

    We have a tendency when on holiday, at work, at the shops or simply sitting on our sofa’s, to pull out our phones or power up out laptops and scroll through social media. Social media is a distraction, especially when you’re on your holiday. Instead of reading about how amazing a friend of a friends friend enjoyed their round the world trip doing all of these amazing things and visiting all of these unknown places, put your phone down and do the same.

    When you’re on holiday there’s no reason to turn onto Facebook or Twitter and live somebody else’s holiday when yours is right there waiting for you!


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    Visit Someplace New

    Though you may have a particular holiday destination close to your heart, this new year, why not try somebody completely new? Discovering new countries and the lifestyle of the people living there can be very exciting and rejuvenating. Push yourself this year, travel further than you’ve every traveled before, try foods with names you can’t pronounce, visit towns and villages you’ve never heard of, explore the world and return home feeling refreshed and relaxed!




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