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  • Everything You Need to Know About Portuguese Gastronomy

    Fish, seafood, wine, and delicious pastries; these are all popular parts of the Portuguese gastronomy that you’re likely to be acquainted with. The country has many more delicacies to offer that you can enjoy with some being more specific to certain regions, showcasing the long standing traditions the country has.

    So, sit back and enjoy the many delicacies that Portugal has to offer – perfect for any food lover!



    From dry cheese to creamy, buttery cheese that can be used as a spread, Portugal has a wide offering of cheeses that any cheese lover would die to try. These dairy delights come with many flavours and aromas, and are often handcrafted like the Serra da Estrela cheese made from ewe’s milk.


    Smoked Meats

    In addition to the fresh fish and seafood that the country is known for, Portugal has a wide variety of smoked meats that mainly originate from the Alentejo region. From sausages to chouriço de porco preto, presunto, and alheira, you can try these smoked meats in many famous dishes like Feijoada, Cozido à Portuguesa, and Sopa da Pedra.



    Bread is always present on a Portuguese table for every meal. The different flours utilised in Portuguese bread create a wide variety of tasty bread you will love to try. There is fresh bread a-plenty in the bakeries and, if you fancy trying a dense type of bread, a bora de milho made from corn flour is sure to delight you.


    Olive Oil

    In regions like Trás-os-Montes, Alentejo, and Beira Interior you can see endless olives groves that are used in the production of olive oil. Olive oil, or azeite, is a main ingredient in Portuguese cooking and often for every type of dish imaginable. You can dip bread in it, season salads, or trickle it over soup. Oliveira da Serra is one of the most famous olive oil brands in Portugal and it’s known for its quality.



    There is nothing like the scent of Portuguese coffee, particularly in the morning when you can accompany it with a pastry. Part of the local culture for centuries, the Portuguese colonisation in coffee-growing regions such as Angola and Brazil made Portugal one of the first European countries to transport coffee to the continent. You can try a famous Lisbon bica for approximately 60 cents, which you easily find in one of the numerous cafés.


    Other Foods to try

    In addition to the well-known sardines and Pastéis de Nata, there are a few foods that may seem strange to you but are actually quite common in Portugal. A sweet blood sausage, or morcela doce, is one of these strange foods. And you can also try lamprey – which is a blood-sucking snape-shaped fish, and a seasonal delicacy. You can also eat goose-necked barnacles, or percebes, amongst foods like fried chicken gizzards, pig’s heads, and much more.

    Tempted by these delicious foods? Why not book your trip to Portugal today! You can stay at one of our amazing Pousadas and enjoy some of the best food that Portugal has to offer, right at your fingertips.