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  • Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

    There is a new claim about such-and-such a food that can help you lose weight or another that can make you heart healthy overnight and maybe even fly you to the moon. Surprisingly, not all of these claims are true. Therefore, when you hear that a Mediterranean diet – ranging from the shores of Portugal to the vineyards of Italy – can have a wondrous effect on your life it is perfectly understandable to be skeptical.

    Healthy avocado, egg open sandwiches on a plate with colorful tomatoes against a rustic wood background

    Beneath the myths, what are the actual benefits of a Mediterranean diet and how can it benefit your lifestyle?

    Olive Oil

    A glass bottle of olive oil and a wooden spoon with  olives on a table

    An irreplaceable staple in the Mediterranean diet, most of the supposed health benefits of this diet are attributed to the almost miraculous power of olive oil. Used in almost every meal, olives have been grown and eaten by humans for thousands of years. It is an elite food and one of the healthy fatty acids such as the ones found in fish and nuts. This is a result of the high antioxidant levels found in olive oil.

    It is also full of oleic acid, which is an extremely heart-healthy compound in comparison to the variety of other vegetable oils on the market. But, of course, too much of a good thing is still bad for you. Experts advise that around two to three tablespoons a day. This is even recommended to some heart disease patients.

    Low In Processed Fats and Sugar

    Various kinds of sugar in spoons on brown wooden background

    As a whole, Mediterranean recipes are full of ingredients that are very in tune with nature. This means that the diet is much less full of saturated fats and sugar as a result. Eating beans, peas, fruits, vegetables and much smaller proportions of meats is the reason for this. Fish is also a huge component of the diet. Sardines and anchovies are essential to this, which typically are lower in meat fats than the more traditional western diet. The diet isn’t necessarily vegetarian, but the choice of lighter meals and meats is the difference that makes it a healthier diet.

    Dessert is also full of fruit and natural products such as yoghurt. So, even when indulging there is a layer of healthiness surrounding it.

    Lose Weight

    An Italian summer dish  associated with Sicily, Caponata, with selective focus

    If you want to lose weight in a meaningful way, that will last a lifetime and not just a specific event, then this may be the diet to do so. Mediterranean food allows you to reduce the amount of fat intake in a natural way, whilst introducing more nutrient filled products.

    Whether you want to focus on low-fat, low-carb or even low-protein; there is room for adaption in this diet plan. The diet helps to include high-quality variants of everything you need to have a balanced diet. There is a no-deprivation attitude to this type of dieting, you are not denying yourself anything. Simply replacing some of the most harmful aspects of your diet with a more nutritious alternative. A huge advantage of the Mediterranean diet.

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