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  • 5 Amazing Things to Do in Beja, Portugal: Part 2

    We’ve already talked about some of the amazing things to do in Beja, but seeing as there is so much to see and do in this wonderful city, we’re doing a part two.

    Beja’s heritage is clearly showcased on the city’s gorgeous architecture and on its delicious cuisine, as well as a rich history that you can explore when you visit. This makes it a most unique city that you will love ‘getting lost’ in while discovering every nook and cranny or hidden gem.

    Below, you can find five more wonderful things to see and do in Beja.

    1. See a Wonderful Collection of Paintings

    In part one, we talked about contemporary art in Beja; in this article, we couldn’t not mention that this city is also great for anyone who loves older pieces of art! You will be able to find and admire a very important collection of Flemish, Spanish and Portuguese paintings in the Museum of Queen Leonor, which date from the 15th to the 18th centuries.

    From the 15th-century Portuguese painting Ecce Homo to the 17th-century Spanish Head of Saint John the Baptist, Beja is truly unmissable if you love art.

    2. Visit Roman Ruins

    In 1967, during agricultural work, the ruins of a Roman villa were found in Pisões, which is located just west of Beja. This villa rustica from the 1st century A.D. contains mosaics and the remains of a water supply system (and used to have forty rooms); here, you will be able to learn how citizens of the area and of 2,000 years ago lived.

    Enjoy a time travel that will take you won’t soon forget and that is perfect for the entire family!

    3. Explore a Beautiful Garden

    The Gago Coutinho e Sacadura Cabral garden is a serene green space located to the southeast of the old centre of Beja. It dates back to the 1500s when it used to belong to the Convent of São Francisco and used as a kitchen garden. It then became a military training ground in the 16th century and remained like that until the 1800s, after which it slowly became a park with a lake, exotic and native trees and so much more.

    4. Watch a Movie

    Pax Julia, Beja’s municipal theatre, will certainly give you a unique cinematic experience! The city repurposed its Art Deco cinema, which was built in 1928 but abandoned in 1990, and the result is a cinema that resembles a huge villa. Drawing on the city’s Roman heritage, this venue reopened in 2005 and has also hosted live bands, orchestras, comedy nights and, of course, movies.

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    5. Experience Traditional Delicacies

    One of the most popular features in Beja is its tasty traditional cuisine, making it a fantastic location for foodies everywhere. With many recipes originating centuries ago in convents, such as the dessert Sericaia, both savoury and sweet dishes are a must! You can also try out foods with a heavy Mediterranean influence and enjoy the many delicious wines the region has to offer.

    Do you need a place to stay when you visit this beautiful city? Our Hotel Beja is perfect for anyone who loves history, as this restored 13th Franciscan Convent has retained many of its original features. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our accommodation options or to book your stay with us.