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General Information

The Pousada group has always favoured the recuperation of the national architectural heritage, guaranteeing its preservation, as well as providing an original and quality product. The Pousadas offer very high quality accommodation in some of the most beautiful regions of Portugal, where magnificent castles, monasteries and convents, the true treasures of Portuguese history, can be found.

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The Portuguese Pousadas had their origins in the 1940's when the first regional Pousada was built to provide visitors with board and accommodation in keeping with the style and traditions of each region. In the fifties a new concept of Pousada was created: the Historic Pousadas which are located in carefully restored monuments.

This is a tourist option with a difference and one that keeps the flame of Portuguese hospitality alight. Situated in castles, monasteries, fortresses and places of special natural beauty from the North to the South, in the Azores and now also in Brazil. Great care has been taken with the restoration of these magnificent buildings which have been adapted to conform with modern demands for comfort and leisure at the same time preserving all that is best of Portuguese culture and its traditions.

ASTA (the American Society of Travel Agents) and the Smithsonian Foundation awarded the Pousadas of Portugal their Annual Prize for hotel groups that played a major role in preserving the environment and the cultural heritage for tourist purposes.
True to their origins the aim of the group is to provide authenticity and to maintain the best traditions of the local region or area.

The Pousadas create an elegant atmosphere of earlier times long past which is reflected in the design, period furniture, tapestries and paintings etc.

The Pousadas are a chain of over 40 exclusive hotels, located throughout Portugal. Their very name is synonymous with a unique form of quality accommodation, where a warm welcome and personal service awaits every guest. In order to make it easier to distinguish between the various Pousadas, the group has divided the Pousadas into the following categories:

Charm Pousadas Charm Pousadas
Nature Pousadas Nature Pousadas
Historic Design Pousadas Historic Design Pousadas Historic Pousadas Historic Pousadas

Personal service
"When a customer is not known by his/her name but only by room number, we will be far from the Pousadas' spirit", (Antonio Ferro - 1942).
This is the best definition of the Pousadas' tradition. During your stay you will be reminded of what it was like to live in earlier, more gracious and elegant times. A place where great attention has been paid to detail ensuring a very warm welcome and a very relaxed and pleasurable visit.

Always a good meal
The Lusitanian people have a rich historical past of which the cuisine played an important role, so it is encouraged and preserved.
Known as the largest restaurant chain in Portugal the Portuguese Pousadas are renowned for their rich and varied cuisine. They recreate the methods and use the ingredients of the original, regional receipes and also offer international dishes which are wonderfully complimented by the famous Portuguese wines.

Country of festivities
Located in historic areas of the country, the Portuguese Pousadas maintain the old traditions, of which the Festivities and religious feasts are the best examples.  When staying at the Pousadas, do not miss the opportunity to get to see these treasures of Portuguese culture.  Even for those who are not particularly interested in history, you will see from the uniqueness of these events that you are in a different country.  They are also a lot of fun, usually involving lots of singing and dancing.

A world of facilities
The Portuguese Pousadas are quite unlike anything else and most have excellent facilities and provide superb services ensuring a visit is a wonderful experience. You will also get to know Portugal very well as the Pousadas are found all over the country from seaside locations to the towns, mountains or the valleys. The group has several special programmes both for individual guests and companies.